The Bedwetting Treatment System
including a bedwetting alarm

About Pjama Bedwetting Treatment System

Brand new bedwetting alarm for treatment

With our new Pjama bedwetting treatment kit, you get both treatment and protection in one. With the help of advanced technology and a sensor connected to the pants or shorts, you can now use our brand new bedwetting alarm for treatment.

If sleeping away from home, simply connect the sensor to our free Pjama app in your smartphone and only use the vibration instead of the alarm sound. Your child can now have a sleepover without interrupting the treatment, or have anyone noticing that he or she is a bedwetter.

It is also possible to connect the alarm to the parents’ phone, keeping them informed of potential leakage.

Pjama is not designed to be dry on the inside but rather providing feedback to the wearer when they are wetting themselves.. A signal will be transmitted to the bedwetting alarm notifying the user that it is time to wake up.

Studies show that 80% of children being treated with bedwetting alarms overcome the problem within a few months *.

* www.rch.org.au

Follow your progress with the Pjama App

With our free Pjama app, you can easily register your child’s progress. Bring the information to your doctor to get deeper and further insights.

The Pjama app also includes treatment tips and useful information about our products. 

You can use your smartphone with the Pjama app as an extra speaker unit at home in for example your own bedroom. You can place your smartphone up to 20 meters away from the Pjama bedwetting alarm. The maximum distance will depend upon your smartphone.

When sleeping away from home, connect your phone to your alarm through the Pjama app and use the vibration function instead of an alarm signal. This makes it possible for your child to stay on the treatment and attend sleepovers.

“Our son no longer has any problems staying overnight when there is a school excursion.”


Sleep away from home with the Pjama bedwetting Pyjamas

With the Pjama bedwetting pyjamas your child can attend sleepovers, camps, and other activities without worries. Our pyjamas look like any other pyjamas, they’re discreet, comfortable, and most importantly, they keep the bed dry all night. Bring your waterproof Pjama bag for keeping.

Why not have an extra pair? Then no one can see that you changed after having an accident.

And if you are using Pjama for treatment, bring your Pjama bedwetting alarm, and use your mobile phone as a vibrating alarm. No one will notice!

Increase your child’s self-esteem

Struggling with bedwetting can be devastating for a child. Shame and fear of friends finding out often leads to them not attending activities with sleepovers. With Pjama your child can feel safe. We want every child to be able to participate and feel included.

As one of our customer’s puts it:
“Our son no longer has any problems staying overnight when there is a school excursion.”

Help the environment with Pjama

The high consumption of diapers burns a lot of energy which leads to environmentally dangerous/poor level emissions of carbon dioxide. This is a non-sustainable manufacturing process that goes to chemicals, emissions and water.
Due to the high consumption of disposable diapers made of non-recyclable materials that contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, reusable bedwetting pants is a better and more sustainable option.

Pjama fabric-Tencel (wood fiber) needs a lot less water to produce than cotton fabrics which also leads to a better choice for the environment.

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