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The story behind Pjama

Bedwetting is a common issue amongst families around the world. Two of these families had enough of seeing their children refrain from attending school trips, camps, and sleepovers due to their problem. That’s how Pjama was born!

The founders spent years trying to create the perfect product that was functional, discreet, and comfortable. But in 2014 they cracked the code and the new Pjama products were launched.

This bedwetting pyjama gives children and adults the chance to easily attend activities which involves sleeping away from home. They are discreet and safe.

The founders’ children grew up and so did the company. In 2018 it was time for Pjama to take a step forward, so a new CEO was hired. Together, he and the founders turned Pjama from being a side business into a company to rely on.

Pjama has helped more than 30,000 people worldwide to cope with bedwetting.

In 2019, Pjama decided to engage E3 Health to better service its customers Down Under. To date Pjama Down Under, via E3 Health, has delivered 3000 Pjama pants and shorts to children and adults in Australia and New Zealand.

But the Pjama story does not end here. Pjama started working on a project utilising years of experience, advise from internationally renowned clinicians, and state of the art technology, exploring different solutions to help treating those who suffer from bedwetting. The result is our brand new Pjama Bedwetting Treatment System! A complete solution providing you with a washable pyjama that absorbs urine, keeps the bed dry, and notifies the wearer with either an audible or discreet alarm that he or she has had an accident. Check out our Pjama Treatment System. to learn more.

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