Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Kit Pants Children

Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Kit Pants Children

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The perfect Pjama Treatment Kit for children. With advanced technology sewed into the pants, a sensor and an alarm, you can now use Pjama    for protection and treatment. Just connect the sensor to the pants, choose your alarm signal and go to sleep.

Easy, safe and comfortable.

The Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Kit contains:

  • 2 pairs of Pjama Treatment Pants
  • 1 Bedwetting Alarm
  • 1 Pjama Waterproof Bag

The Pjama pants can easily be connected to the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm. You can also connect the alarm to your smartphone with our Pjama App.

Pjama is made out of a material that allows air to get in but prevents fluids to get out. This means that you get a comfortable and breathable pyjama whilst maintaining a dry bed.