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Why should i use Pjama?

Pjama is a unique product for both children and adults who suffer from bedwetting. It is a pyjama that protects the bed and mattress when an accident happens. The urine is absorbed by the pants, keeping the bed dry. They are discreet and look just like regular pyjama pants, which makes them perfect for sleepovers. No one but the wearer will know if an accident happens.

Pjama can be re-washed again and again, and they are an environmentally friendly alternative to other disposable products available on the market.

Is Pjama available in other colours?

No, Pjama treatment pants and shorts only come in grey, and Pjama original pants and shorts in blue.

How does Pjama work?

Pjama contains a super absorbent material which makes sure no moisture leaves the pants/shorts. The material also makes sure the wearer gets immediate feedback that he/she wet the bed. This is an important aspect of the treatment of bedwetting. You can read more about how Pjama works here!

How much does Pjama absorb?

You can see how much Pjama absorbs in this table:

How do I use Pjama correctly?

For the best comfort and effect, underwear should not be worn with the Pjama pants/shorts. It is important to choose the right size as the Pjama pants/shorts should fit properly around the waist and close to the skin, without being too tight. Remember to not tuck a t-shirt in the pants/shorts since the liquid can travel through the t-shirt onto the bed linen. Read more about ‘how to use Pjama’.

Do I still need sheet and/or mattress protection?

No. When an accident occurs the Pjama absorbs all the urine and will remain dry on the outside. This means that the bed linen and mattress are protected.

What's the lifespan of a Pjama product?

How long a Pjama will last depends a lot on how it is handled. The hardness of the water, the detergent used and how it is washed and dried affects the lifespan. Just like it does for other garments. Read more about how to get the most out of your Pjama here!

Does Pjama work while sitting?

Depending on whether you sit up or lie down the moisture will end up in different spots. Pjama is designed and tested for use when lying down. No tests have been performed for using Pjama when sitting.

My Pjama is leaking, what is wrong?

In many cases the product is being used incorrectly. This can be due to things like the size is too big or that a t-shirt is tucked into the Pjama. It can also be due to the person using Pjama voiding multiple times throughout the night without waking up and in the end the total amount of urine voided is above the absorption capacity of that specific size.  Please check the size guide listing the absorption capacity for each size.
If you discover a manufacturing defect, contact us and we will handle the case.

Will my Pjama smell?

Pjama is made of textiles that have antibacterial properties to reduce the odor coming from urine. However, we cannot guarantee that they are completely odorless due to that the smell from urine varies greatly from person to person, depending on things like what you eat and drink.

It is important that washing and drying is done correctly to avoid problems with the odor. Additional tips are to rinse out the Pjama before washing them, and to wash them as soon as possible.

Are there other sizes than the ones shown in the shop?

No, we only offer the sizes you see on the product pages. Unfortunately it is not possible to offer alternative sizes at this time.

My son is 12-years old, what size should we use?

The Size Guide shows what size you need. The sizes are categorized by length, for example 134/140 is for a person who is between 134-140 cm tall.

How do I wash Pjama?

In order to provide the best conditions for a long life of your Pjama we recommend that you:

  • Rinse out the Pjama before washing and make sure to wash them as soon as possible
  • Wash with garments with similar colors
  • Turn the Pjama inside out before washing, otherwise the water will remain inside the pants
  • Wash at max 60°C
  • Finish the washing program with a high spin speed cycle. If your washing machine does not have a high spin speed cycle you might need to spin and drain one more time.
  • Allow Pjama to dry inside out, either outdoors or at room temperature. It is also possible to tumble dry Pjama, or use drying cabinet, however the temperature must not exceed 60°C
  • Pjama does not tolerate fabric softener, dry cleaning or ironing

Note! Pjama is a product with unique properties which leads to a longer drying time compared to other textiles.

How To Wash

How long is the drying time?

Pjama contains an absorbent material which affects the drying time. How long it takes depends on several factors such as humidity, the temperature in the room and the efficiency of the washing machine’s high spin speed cycle.

 To keep the drying time as short as possible it is good to:

  • When washing, turn Pjama inside out so that the waterproof membrane does not keep the liquid inside the pants
  • Finish the wash cycle with high spin speed
  • After high spin speed, Pjama should be dried inside out. If you use a tumble dryer or a drying cabinet, make sure the temperature does not exceed 60°C
  • In Australia it can take 1-2 days for Pjama to line dry.
  • Depending on your dryer Pjama might not feel completely dry when taking it out of the dryer. Hang it on the line for an hour and it should feel dry.

How To Dry Pjama

Bedwetting Treatment

Can I use medicine at the same time as we use the alarm?

Yes, but we recommend not to. If your alarm treatment is not successful, then you could ask a doctor if medicine might help your child.

When should parents seek bedwetting treatment?

If your child is wetting the bed at the age of 5+ years, you should seek help from a doctor.

Does bedwetting subside without treatment?

Most children will grow out of wetting the bed, but this can take years and can cause frustration. Our recommendation is to get help and treat the problem.

My child is a heavy sleeper. Will the treatment disrupt his/her sleep?

Every child is different. In the beginning it is important that the adult wakes up with the alarm to wake the child up and take them to the bathroom. After a while the child will learn to wake up when the alarm goes off.

Bedwetting Alarm

How do I use the alarm?

The alarm is really easy to use. Connect the sensor to the pants or shorts. Turn on the alarm and choose an alarm signal and volume that is suitable.  You are ready to go.

My alarm does not work.

Make sure that the sensor is connected to the pants/shorts. If the alarm still is not working, please contact us at support@e3health.com.au

How do I connect the alarm to my phone?

The alarm is easy to connect to your phone. Just download the app and make sure that bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

How do I install the alarm the first time?

The alarm is already installed, all you have to do is choose an alarm signal and volume.

Guarantee & Returns

How do i return my defect pjama?

In order for us to accept the complaint, the product must not have been used or handled incorrectly.

If the product is damaged when you receive it you should contact us immediately. All complaints must be made as quickly as possible, however it must be done within two months of purchase.

In case of a damaged product, please download the PDF and follow the instructions.

Download inctructions

For more information see our Terms and conditions.

How do I change to another size?

Send the following information to us:

  • Your order number
  • Your name and contact information
  • The reason for your return
  • What size do you want to switch to?

Download inctructions

For more information see our Terms and conditions.

How long is the delivery time?

In Australia you can choose from Parcel Post with delivery in 2 or more business days, or Australia Post Express with next business day delivery within the express network, and 2+ days in regional areas.

In New Zealand we work with the freight forwarder UPS, offering an Express Saver delivery service. Delivery to the south island is 1-3 business days (overnight delivery to metro area) and 2-4 business days on the north island.

 Around holidays the delivery times may be longer.

How much does the shipping cost?

To get the shipping cost choose your delivery method in the webshop. In Australia, Parcel Post is $9.15 for a Small satchel up to $18.95 for an Extra Large satchel, and Express Post is $12.15 for a small satchel up to $25.95 for an Extra Large satchel. To ship to New Zealand, we charge a flat rate of $31 for UPS Express Saver.

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