How it works

We made a video for you to see our Pjama in action

Convinced YET?

Does Pjama seem too good to be true?

How can a pyjama stay dry when wetting in it?

We know, it is super cool and weird at the same time.

Pjama is made of soft tencel, a breathable waterproof membrane and a superabsorbent material that makes urine stay in the pants. All fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

Pjama is made of:

  • Hydrophobic material at waist and ankles/knee folds, superabsorbent material in critical areas. (1)
  • An outer waterproof and soft layer that breathes very well. (2)
  • An inner material that is soft and smooth on the inside. The material can absorb fluid and is made with capillary breaking properties. (3)

In other words, Pjama is a super awesome way for both children and adults to keep the bed dry at night. And to look great while wearing them.

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