Hipsafety | World Class Hip Protection

Material & Design

  • HappyHip and LifeHip are the only hip protection pant in the market that is made in a comfortable sports jersey.
  • HappyHip and LifeHip are intended to be worn with underwear, and are stitched in a beautifully ventilated polyester fabric of the highest quality.
  • The generous opening in front of HappyHip makes them easy to put on and take off, and provides superior comfort.
  • HappyHip and LifeHip fits comfortably under the clothing making them discreet but providing safety when required.
  • The HappyHip waist closure is made so that the protective pads are in the correct position over the hips.
  • Inside the HappyHip pants there is a silicone edge along the lining, which makes it easier to use the pants with incontinence aids without slipping out of position
  • Smart, flexible, and only 11 mm thick, HappyHip and LifeHip do not alter the silhouette of your hips. You can continue to wear your own favourite clothes without anyone noticing your are wearing hip protection underwear .

 Protective Pads

  • Made of VPD (viscoelastic polymer dough) which is the market leading material for shock absorption.
  • Exquisite and shaped by the body heat.
  • Small air channels in the material are closed on impact whereby the energy is absorbed and distributed throughout the pad.
  • The material is soft and flexible, making it comfortable to wear, but when you fall and land on the hip the protective pad is extremely shock-absorbing thanks to its unique composition.
  • Used both in the sports world and other industries where maximum shock absorption and quality are required.