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BrightSky Australia is a one-stop-shop for specialist healthcare products and offers Australia-wide home delivery of an extensive range of everyday and “hard-to-find” healthcare products in:

  • Personal care – disposable and washable incontinence pads, pants, and all-in-ones, catheters, leg bags, urinals and other continence aids
  • Wound care – advanced and traditional
  • Nutrition, enteral feeds, supplements and vitamins
  • Skin care
  • Bowel care
  • Pressure management and bedding
  • Support and mobility aids
  • Respiratory


Pjama reseller BrightSky Australia


EveryHuman offers adaptive clothing.

Too many people compromise their needs, independence or identity because they can’t access high quality, stylish, adaptive clothing. EveryHuman are here to solve that problem, and all that it represents.

EveryHuman are here to help a movement. The future is inclusive. The clothes empower and inspire people to be proud of who they are – inside and out.

The clothes are designed by people with lived experience in the challenges of finding, using and loving adaptive clothing.

The clothes are designed to suit your needs. By making it easy to stock your wardrobe, EveryHuman hope you can spend more time doing what matters most to you.


Pjama reseller EveryHuman Australia and New Zealand

We are super proud of all of our resellers.

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Together we can change the lives of bedwetters around the world.

Pjama pants and shorts are protection or treatment or both. The smallest size fits a 3 years old and the largest size can be used for someone that is 100 years old. Pjama is a solution for bedwetters and their families. Keeping life simple and less stressful both at home and when you are sleeping away from home.

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